About Me

Senior backend engineer with a focus on web application development in the Ruby and Python ecosystems. An engineering leader with a people-first approach. Recent roles:

  • Director of Engineering: Conceptualized and built projects contributing to fund-raising and soft launches. From a group of 3 individual contributors to a team of 20.
  • Principal Engineer: From the first engineer to acquisition. Built, architected, and scaled a continually growing system.
  • Full profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pagnis

What can I do for you?

Systems and Architecture

  • Build systems from scratch
  • Improve and build upon existing systems
  • “continuous maintenance”
  • Architect new systems
  • Spike into Proofs-of-concept / MVPs
  • Refactor and rearchitect legacy systems.

Engineering execution, people++

  • Build, lead, and manage engineering teams and practices.
  • Improve people around me, build people up.
  • Code reviews, pair programming, implementation of best practices.
  • I have been running and managing the Bangalore Ruby community for more than 10 years, and have constantly mentored & helped people get better at their craft.

Hiring and Interviewing

  • Set up and improve hiring process, interview candidates.
  • For example, a job post I wrote that received a lot of traction, attention, and success.

Data Architecture

  • Schema design, data integrity, using, and improving usages of relational databases. PostgreSQL in particular.
  • I conduct a workshop for intermediate and advanced engineers, who use PostgreSQL, MySQL, or other RDBMS.

Tech stacks that I thrive in

  • Ruby and Python ecosystems. 13+ years spent building, breaking, and fixing stuff in Ruby and Rails. And in the recent years, Django.
  • PostgreSQL and applications that use relational databases.
  • AWS based infrastructure: API Gateways, Lambdas, Data streams. Infrastructure as code.
  • Non-traditional architectures, like data pipelines, event-sourced systems, mobile app backends, complex structures like BFF

What am I looking for?

I am looking to work with engineering focussed teams where I can contribute to the growth of the team and the business.

You can reach me at: